You're different and special in every way imaginable.

This piece was for Forage Press: “A project that invites creatives across the globe to produce original and exclusive artwork that is inspired by a musical subject matter of their choosing.”

I'm fascinated by how repetition can alter the meaning of something.

Hip-hop and sampling culture has proved time and again how taking a piece of something, looping it and placing it into a different context can pinpoint a feeling and emphasis it, or even interpret the original's meaning in a completely new way.

Similarly remixes can shed new light on lyrics by placing a song in a different audio landscape.

Here a sweet message is repeated to the point where it becomes uncomfortable; what once seemed earnest and loving becomes annoying, then unnerving.

I'm also fascinated by language, the interpretation of words and the space between plain communication and implied communication.

I've always loved type that pushes the boundries of legibility. I like to explore the space where meaning is expressed through both the presentation of the letterforms and the words themselves: you may not be able to fully read it, but you might understand it on an emotional level, or where a sentence appears incomplete, you can guess what I might be trying to say, or finish the sentence in your mind with something that makes it relevant to you.

(The track is an edit of 'He Loves Me (Lyzell In E Flat)' by Jill Scott).