V&A / David Bowie is.

The V&A asked Blam of Print Process to create an exclusive print for their David Bowie is exhibition. He in turn invited 101 artists & designers to render the word ‘Bowie’ in any manner of their choosing, to create a collective print representing the constantly changing and ever evolving style of David Bowie himself.

My contribution to the project.

Here's how I arrived at my lino-cut print contribution:

I had a waking dream of a David Bowie totem, a mysterious ancient thing that arrived from another planet. (As a way of explaining it through a reference, the opening act of 2001: A Space Odyssey comes to mind). The totem represented a timeless reminder of Bowie's legend. The carving is how I imagined Bowie's name would appear on the totem; the dark surrounding print is suggestive of the totem's shape. 

Below are shots of the finished print (screen-printed matt white onto 240gsm rainbow holographic Mirri paper), available now at the V&A Shop.