Apple Store Talk 8.2010

I spoke on behalf of Research Studios at the Apple Store on Regent Street (London) as part of the launch event for Granimator's new creator packs. Granimator is a creative iPad app that allows you to create artworks using elements supplied by renowned designers and illustrators. I gave some insight to the working practices of Research Studios, explained the concept and process of creating our pack, concluding with video previews of the pack in action. Other speakers included: Kate Moross; Airside; Creative Review; and David Henckel.

This is 'Floating Buffalo'––a manipulated version of Neville Brody's 'Buffalo' typeface––one of the five new typefaces developed for our pack entitled 'Double-Dip'.

This and the following two images show example compositions we created using an iPad.

Video 01: A sped-up demo showing how you can create your own nonsense headline.

Video 02: This shows how mashing the iPad is just as rewarding. The awesome sonic palette is by Thomas Le Beau Morley of Suffer Like G Did.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Knowles and Guy Stephens.

For hi-res example compostions using our 'Double-Dip' pack, visit the Research Studios blog post.
To read the concept behind the typography and imagery created for our pack go here.
For more info on Granimator go here.
To see what the public are creating with our pack, go here.
You can browse and download Granimator creations on your iPhone using the Grallery app. Get it here.